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Working Through Chaos

Working Through Chaos

 25/08/23  |    Kavya Babu

How important is it to have well-rounded communication between the client and the organizer in a program, especially when multiple vendors/parties are involved? How often is there an assumption that all the parties are aware of the roles each other plays?

Situation -  Recently, I got the opportunity to assist and support a sensitization workshop as a third-party vendor. This was a 2-day program with multiple batches for around 3 - 4 weeks. At this time, there were various things that possibly could have been a hindrance to the smooth flow of the workshop. Some of them were, the facilitator not being aware of the purpose of the program, the client not being briefed about my role in the workshop, and multiple facilitators with multiple styles hampering the uniformity and wastage of resources.


While the program was completed successfully, these hiccups led the client to feel confused at various times, over the constant changes happening multiple times. On a personal level, these changes required me to constantly adapt and improvise to ensure the program still went smoothly as the person on the ground with the client.


Confusion - Why was there this level of uncertainty in a program? Are these common to such long-term programs? Is communication in all large-scale programs tough?


Assumption - Maybe there is only so much a program manager can control when it comes to a large-scale program. Certain things cannot be monitored or foreseen till the actual program has commenced. There could be multiple communications happening at various levels in large-scale programs.


Reflection - The entire program made me realize the importance of constant monitoring and communication when you are handling a program. The importance of communication with all the parties involved. Ensure to ask for a detailed program plan, to have a clear understanding from the beginning of the program so as to better handle the situations when faced with clients. 

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