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Long Island Ice Tea

Long Island Ice Tea

 July 2023  |    Jahnavi Gurjer

This is a short reflection on the challenges faced by us as OD consultants in our client journeys. Enjoy the light read and share your feedback and comments.

Consultant's Conundrum - Long Island Ice Tea

Situation - 
To my surprise, I bumped into a former client at a social event on a Sunday afternoon. We were contracted for three years to rebuild a customer-centric work culture for this client’s organization, however, one Tuesday afternoon, 2 years after the engagement had commenced the clients abruptly terminated the contract, stating that their priorities had shifted. It was a shocker because the disruption threw us up in the air and landed us into a hard fall on the ground. However at the social, the client walked up to me all cheery-eyed and gave me a tall glass of Long Island Ice Tea, while the drink was most welcome, I was perplexed at the sudden gush of love  

Confessions - 
Is this a sign to renew our business engagement or just a social facade?

It must be that the different levels throughout the organization are pushing back on the change process and hence when faced with resistance, the consultant is thrown under the bus
The client aborted the culture change project mid-way because maybe we may not have onboarded all stakeholders with equal rigour or the client may not have estimated his appetite for real discomfort during the process of change  

Whenever the status quo is challenged during the process of change, even though the client understands the necessity to throw the trash out, the inability to face ugly data automatically permits the client to throw the consultant under the bus.

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