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Why is staying connected imperative during this pandemic?

Why is staying connected imperative during this pandemic?

 21 Sept 2020  |    Anushka Kukreja

We’re aware of how this global pandemic has had various restrictions on us, especially if we compare it to ‘pre-corona’ times. With the initial lockdowns, most of us were trapped in and were forced to live a hermit-like lifestyle. For some, it was bliss; for others torture, but due to the lack of choice, everyone had to accustom themselves to it. Over the last couple of months, these restrictions have relaxed and many seem to be getting back to their ‘regular’ everyday lifestyles

However, in this 6 month-long haul, how have we managed to stay connected?

Offices all over are working towards figuring out ways to better facilitate this new style of working. Unfortunately, some industries have realized that the losses due to fall in productivity have been far greater than the costs they have saved by people not coming into offices. Additionally, people tend to feel more disconnected from their teams. Students have begun to miss the in-person experiences in schools and colleges.

On a more individualistic level, how are people all over the world trying to keep their lifestyles intact? From friendships to relationships, have zoom calls been enough? Maybe not, but at least it is an attempt to stay connected.

What is the flip side of not even trying? It is so easy to get disconnected from friends and family at a time like this. We may even get lost every day in our social media feeds which gives us a false sense of connectivity and relevance. What we need to realize is that it is now time to make conscious efforts and put in the time to effectively communicate with the people who are important to us. As we slowly inch towards (hopefully) coming out of this state of dystopia, it would be difficult to suddenly click back to what we think is ‘normal’. Hence, small everyday efforts can take us a long way.

Whether it is spending quality time with your parents, or going that extra mile and planning something fun with your office teams; the time is now to come together and stay connected.

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