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Culture Consulting

Culture Consulting

Organizational culture includes the system of values and behaviors of people in an organization. We design structured approaches to diagnose the organization’s existing culture and offer implementation solutions to support the transition to its desired culture. We write the transcript for acceptable, appreciative and expected behaviors within the organization.

Sub Services

Culture is the way organizations think, do and interact. We assess the gaps between organization’s current and desired practices using a mix of science and intuition. We tailor culture change techniques and co-create implementation programs for long-term sustenance. We enable an organization to identify levers for change, so that organizations can focus on what they do best - their core competence.

We design metrics that demonstrate the organization's cultural behaviors. We measure how levers for change are being impacted by their actions and monitor ‘how’ goals are being achieved.

We create specific navigation pathways detailing the methods to reduce the gaps between where the organization is ‘now’ and where it ‘wants to be’

We help organizations discover new and/or different ways of thinking and behaving so that the transformation has a constructive impact on the organization. We engage 360° across all levels of the organization to ignite cultures that inspire innovation, customer centricity and long-term sustainability.

Visible culture is different from the mandated practices printed in an organization’s handbook. We guide and support leaders to recognize the need for cultural change, foster a guiding coalition for change, model desired behavior, and ensure behaviors are well-supported.